Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well a lot has happened since Laramie Enduro, and what a trip it's been! 2 days after getting back from the TD the place we had been care taking at, informed us they were going to remodel our place and we had to be out in 30 days-whew! Ok so we did just that we found a house, got a mortgage and moved in, all within approx 30days! Jay did most of the moving and packing, he is definitely a professional. So the last thing we needed to pick up was our kayaks from a friends house, then all our stuff would be here-done! Jay then headed to the bike park, 30 minutes before diner to tool around, upon his return, was a broken collar bone. Good thing we got all our stuff moved in.
Our dog Burnin' had been throwing up, so we took her to the vet. I thought she might have eaten a dead bird and was having trouble passing it. It turns out she was diagnosed with Ostersarcoma, it's a type of bone cancer, but in her case it was lining 2/3 of her stomach and part of her intestine, there really wasn't anything we could do. She went on for 5 weeks, was happy and of course beautiful. She was able to walk and was playing with her ball. Her last w/e was at Moosecross, she was out walking around saying hello to everyone, being her lovable self. Monday morning we went for a walk down the road approx 9am, she got in my jeep like she always did, ready to go to work with me. She was in my car approx 2 hrs when i went to get her, she wouldn't lift her head and her breathing was very labored. I was freaking out, trying to get in touch with Jay who didn't have his phone, when he pulled up, it was like Burnin sent him a message to come. We drove to the vet, carried her inside and laid on the floor with her, within 10 minutes she had passed on her own. We were very lucky she waited for us both to be there with her. There will never be another Burnin'. She went everywhere, everyday with us. She traveled to Mexico, Canada and several of the western states with us on our vacations. She was so well behaved, didn't jump on people, didn't bark or bite, she was caring, kind and oh so soft, like a big teddy bear. When we would go out for rides or even at races, we would leave the truck door open and she would sit and wait until we were finished. She touched so many peoples lives with her charisma and enthusiasm for life. People would always comment on how soft her hair was and often asked if she was a puppy-gosh, I wish! Burnin' will always be with me everywhere, everyday.

2 weeks before Burnin' passed we added Rippen & Chillen to our family, 2 male yellow lab mixed 6 month pups. They wrestle and play with each other and are coming along just fine. It's great to see them tear up the backyard chasing each other and enjoying their toyz. We really need to work on their training, but they definitely understand and listen to the command come, for now.

Cyclocross season has been great, I've completed 3 races so far and have 4 to go. I am so fortunate to be able to ride to the start line from my house for 4 out of 7 races. The Victor bike park is just amazingly fun! Til next time, Spooky Cross Oct 31st!

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