Monday, December 27, 2010


I knew it was goin' to snow big today! Super physced I didn't go to work. Instead I went for a 4.5 hr snowbike ride on the back rds of ID. Departure time was 730am, with a turn around to put more air in my tires, which I later let out. The snow was DEEP today, proabably a foot on top of ice covered rds, but thats ok. After I ate it on a corner, I deceided to let the air out, which was a huge improvement. It was a very quite morning, with few autos out. It wasn't until the tree farm, 1 hr into the ride that the plow caught up with me. Then I turned on Bates, which had only 1 truck track, and once I got to Teton Creek bridge, there was no tracks for a bit, until I hit the next farm. It dumped until I got to Driggs, so goggles were in order. I had to defrost them a couple times in my jacket, which worked really well, a little tip I learned from JayP. Then I headed up to Darby Canyon, the snow was deep here too. I ate it again, due to some off camber ice under a foot of snow, then finished up by takin' the backrds out to the frontage rd, which was smooth sailin', deep but nice. Had some lunch, shoveld, made pizza and chocolate chip cookies. It was a great day!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cedron Bates Loop, 12/11/10, 20F, approx 2hrs. I stopped for a pee break and speak w/ JayP after his double lap on Mt. Glory. 3 people stopped to see if I was ok, timing is everything. I didn't need to use my RBH vapor barrier sock today since it was warm. Bridgedale liners and a wool wigwam sock inside my RU outside boot which is now Baffin. I'd like to get a loop on the front of the toe for my gaitor?? and also need to apply some more wtr sealent on the seams. I do however love wearin' my RBH vapor barrier vest. It's just a piece of essiential gear. I saw my snowbiker buddies, the Byers gettin' some SBin' done themsleves. We disscussed the sizing of the VB vest, when travelin' via snowbike your clothes need to be bigger so you can fit stuff in your pockets/jacket perhaps your goggles or snowglasses if they freeze. It's easier to get your Jacket zipped up and is more comfortable with a water pack on. Pit zips, a two way zipper on jackets. Elastic waste band pants instead of having to tie.

Monday, December 6, 2010


The wx has been fluctuating a lot, so it's a good thing I have gear, snowshoes, Nordic skis, xc skis, a bike w/ studded tires and a snowbike b/c I have been usin' them all! I think about the Alaska Ultra Sport everyday. Thinkin' about those rough times I will need to push thru, the solitary times and of course the good times which brings a huge smile to my face. Until then I continue to "practice". I don't follow an actual trainin' regimen, but I know how important it is to get out everyday, or as much as I can. I am thankful to have the boyz (dogs) Rippin' & Chillin', b/c yes there are days I'm not so motivated and since I have chosen to be a dog owner and I am responsible for gettin' them out to exercise, I do, it creates a happy world for all of us.

I'll be working on gettin' my gear & food list together from notes I compiled from last yr. I will also be thinkin' about what I can get done prior to arriving AK for Nome. It was a little crazy last yr with all the running around before hand. We are on a pretty tight budget, so fer shure plannin' ahead of time will certainly help.

I am looking forward to the new Ti bike and rims we are graciously receiving from Chain Reaction Cycles in AK. Their support has been unbelievable as well as their bikes!

Til next time! Movin' forward!