Sunday, November 11, 2012


Funny to think I was riding on dirt in 70F wx last w/e and riding in 20F on snow this w/e. We got some snow here in Victor, but we drove just 1 hr north to over a foot of snow, winter wonderland!!

 Just 33 miles from here is part of the Tour Divide trail, the road to Flagg Ranch. Jay and I took the boys here and did some reminiscing about riding on the trail, just not too long ago in completely different conditions. Now the whole family has been on this part of the trail, FUN!  We got the boys out for an hour, not shure how many miles, but enough to tire them out so we could go a on a longer ride.

Some trucks and 4 wheel drive vehicles had previous driven back to Cave Falls, ID creating a nice path to follow. The riding was GREAT and super quiet, we saw one car, which thankfully help reinforce the path through the 12 inches of still fallin' snow. The temps were cool approx 20F from my guess, but havin' the right gear and knowing how to use it totally makes our trips comfortable & fun. 

The reward:

It took us 3hrs 15 mins to ride 28 miles, more of a climb on the way in. We finished up in the dark, my batteries were dying, my light was dim, so I followed JayP's red P-Tec tail light and followed his line, not too close, not too far away or I couldn't see. I was comfortable & REALLY havin' fun, workin' on my night vision. 

The next day, I took the boyz out for another 11 miles.

To another cool place, minutes from home...

Til next time! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well I guess I'm not going to win if I take a 7 hr nap during a 25 hr race.

 Just another wicked time! 25 hrs of Frog Hollow was just a race I heard of until I was asked 3 weeks ago to be on a team for the event. I like to ride for a really long time, I am fer shure more of a solo rider, so I declined joining the team but since there were a few friends going as a team that could help support me, I decided to join the group and go to Hurricane UT, where it was nice and sunny and race the 25 hrs of Frog Hollow solo! Yippee-I was stoked!

I'm not in super great shape, nor have I been riding like I normally do, whatever that is. I mean I get the dogs out for a few miles a day, 4-5 days a week. I go on 2-3 hr rides on the weekends, and thats about it. So I was relying on my 20+ years of cycling to get me through the 25 hrs of Frog Hollow. Honestly, I felt great! I was a little nervous at the start, but otherwise calm and relaxed. I was totally looking forward to spending 25 hrs in the saddle, overcoming the challenges which will evidently arise. but WHAT challenge will arise today?? ahh, will my stomach go? will I bonk? will I sustain an injury? will my bike breakdown, and if it does how?? Seriously I don't think too much about these things, but they are thoughts that come and go. What I do think about is how to be efficient in and out of the pit, how to stay strong mentally through tough times, knowing they will only last a short time, remembering to eat and drink and how important that is, and how to use any resources that are available to me, oh and of course to have FUN!!

The race started with a nice jog to Magic Wanda aka Salsa Ti El Mariachi (I love this bike) and it was go time! I felt really good, and was riding a moderate pace knowing I shouldn't crush myself. It's hard not to get caught up in that speed trap in the beginning. My 1st 5 laps were between 1:03-1:20, and I felt I could sustain a 1:15 hr lap comfortably. I thought I was going to have support, but it fell through during the race. A few people checked in now and again, gave me some food and lubed my chain, but for the most part I was filling my own bottles, getting my own food and tending to my bike, which is fine, but it would have been great to know before the start of the race so I could set myself up a little better. Lesson learned.

After the 1st 3 laps the vision in my right eye started to blur. It occurs only in my right eye during intense biking and when I sweat a lot, it could be dehydration or dry eye, but since I've been racing for over 20 years and it just started happening this year 2012, it's definitely odd and of course I have to get it looked at. I do wear contacts, so I changed the right one out, but there was no difference, it was m eyeball fer shure. I've already talked to 2 doctors and it was recommended to see an ophthalmologist.

By lap 5, my forearms were KILLING me! I had never felt this pain before, it was very sharp, uncomfortable and made it hard to ride over any kind of bump, which there were a lot of. I figured my arms were out of shape, but I soon found out I had been riding rigid the entire time. My fork was broke, didn't move up and down. If you rode this course you would know the importance of front suspension. I also had some front derailleur issues, like it wouldn't drop into the granny gear.

After my ninth lap and riding one eyed in the dark I decided it was time to rest my eye with the hopes it would fix itself and stop burning. It was 11pm, I set my alarm for 1am. When I woke up my eye was still burning, so sleep it was. I woke at 6am, 7 hrs later-ugh, my eye was betta, I ate some food and started riding again.

I finished with 11 laps, less then I had anticipated. Overall I had a great time at this event and highly recommend it if you wanna have fun! The course was a mixed bag of terrain, which was awesome and kept it interesting. In the future I would definitely bring my support man JayP, no one does it betta and I shure did miss him at this event!! I am undecided about the bike choice and wonder if the Salsa Spearfish would have been a better ride for this course, guess I'll have to find out next year!

Til next time!!