Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gosh it just seems to be day after day of fun! or what some people call training.

Nice to start the week off with some nordic sprints under the lights at Pioneer Park. So fun to have others to play with!

My ever faithful playmates, always ready, always patient, always having fun!


Everyday is beautiful!

It was a great week of playing and I expect more to follow. Camp Dave was great this w/e! I was able to make 2 out of the 3 days and it was nice to share the adventures and fun times with good company. It's all what you make out of it. The 1st day of camp Dave was interesting. We didn't get to ride much but we spent some time out in some blowing snow pushing our bikes, it wasn't like 120 miles or anything. Day 2 was very fast on the QUIET backrds of Idaho, approx 20 miles in 2:15. I squeaked out another 45 minutes riding with the boyz and checking on the mayor's kitties. Looking forward to another great week of "playing" which started today with a snowshoe run in the am before work and a skate afterwards-with my little buddies, who are currently passed out sleeping!
Til next time.

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