Monday, February 8, 2010

Last w/e we rode about an hour from the house up to Darby Canyon where we slept for the night, it was a full moon and quite. Everything went super smooth. We found a spot and kicked out enough room for the both of us. I took my boots, jacket and water pack off and stuffed them into the bottom of my bag, just to see how it would all fit. It was very cozy. We had some cookies and hot chocolate, slept for 7 hrs, woke up and headed back home. The temps have been really mild here in comparison to the temps along the Ultra Sport Route.

Look Mom! I can fly!!
I'm too handsome for myself!
I love spending time with all my boyz! Rippin' and Chillin' are really awesome. We spend at least 1-2 hours a day, snowshoe running, nordic skiing or snowbiking, otherwise all their energy explodes in the house, and thats just nutz!
Friday I became sick in the head, like there was something stuck up my nose, sneezing and runny nose soon followed and has been hangin around since. Rippin', Chillin' and I proceded to ride Darby canyon, it has been great! Usually nobody is there and we can run all over. Sat, I rode a 2 hr loop from the house then took the boyz out snowshoeing.
Sunday we all headed up to the Warm Springs campground for some snowbiking! Chillin' and Rippin' joined us for the 1st 5 miles, then we dropped them off and headed out for some super sweet riding! The trails were just unbelievable! Miles and miles of beautifully groomed trails in perfect condition! We could have spent forever out there. We are really fortunate to have this incredible network of trials just an hour from our house!
We are really excited about the Ultra Sport and working on getting in all together!
Til next time!

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