Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cube in Rexburg, 3 race series

The Cube is a really fun race series and being that is less then an hour away makes it great! The City of Rexburg, Bob and Chris have done a super good job making a challenging and spectator freindly course, then even run it in reverse!

Lat week I raced with the ladies, their were 5 of us. The ladies are really awesome and fun, but since I have more experience the playing field wasn't fair. So after last weeks race I asked Bob if I could race with the dudes, no problem.

I have to admit, I was nervous and my main concern was gettin' in the way of my fellow racers, but JayP gave me confidence and suggested I just go for it! So I did. I watched the ladies race go off and then started my warm up. I did a couple laps and the course was definitely technical with some running, but REALLY fun. It had snowed so sloppiness it was going to be. The ladies finished and it was the men's time to go. All the men had lined up 5 a breast, there were about 20, then I pulled up and placed myself in the front row. There were a couple comments, one being, I hope you guys don't have big egos, shure no pressure, thanks. It was a little brisk standing there waiting for the go. The horn went off and with all I had a raced for the hole shot, I wound up in 3rd off the line. Within seconds I was passed by 2 men, but that was it! I held on to my place for 8 laps, the middle laps were the hardest of course, but I kept it together. JayP was cheering me on the whole time along with other teammates and friends. I finished 5th overall and felt great! I had a clean race with no bobbles and just kept my head together-wanting it more then the men who finished behind me. Looking forward to next week, the last of the Rexburg and my cross season racing this year, I think.

Thanks to all for the support!

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