Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cedron Bates Loop, 12/11/10, 20F, approx 2hrs. I stopped for a pee break and speak w/ JayP after his double lap on Mt. Glory. 3 people stopped to see if I was ok, timing is everything. I didn't need to use my RBH vapor barrier sock today since it was warm. Bridgedale liners and a wool wigwam sock inside my RU outside boot which is now Baffin. I'd like to get a loop on the front of the toe for my gaitor?? and also need to apply some more wtr sealent on the seams. I do however love wearin' my RBH vapor barrier vest. It's just a piece of essiential gear. I saw my snowbiker buddies, the Byers gettin' some SBin' done themsleves. We disscussed the sizing of the VB vest, when travelin' via snowbike your clothes need to be bigger so you can fit stuff in your pockets/jacket perhaps your goggles or snowglasses if they freeze. It's easier to get your Jacket zipped up and is more comfortable with a water pack on. Pit zips, a two way zipper on jackets. Elastic waste band pants instead of having to tie.

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