Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The w/e b4 the TWC I remember feelin' chilled, like I couldn't get warm. Shure enough by Tues I was sick, so was everyone else. I decided to ride/be outside as much as I could, you know like gettin' up at 6am. So I was able to accomplish this by riding every morning for 2hrs leading up to the race. Really I had no idea how long the race would take me. It turned out to be 5hr n 20min day followed by good beer, great food and a bunch of friends/teammates (18 to be exact)! Kicked that cold right the heck outta here!

The race was intense. Maybe it is functioning that is my slowness in the am. I am a procrastornater. I remember being called that by my nun teachers in catholic grammer school, it has stuck with me and I believe it. Not really shure what that means, but I know I get some shit done. Gettin up that early, gettin dressed, makin & eatin b-fast, feedin the boyz, gatherin gear, water, DogFood, bowls, wonderin what to wear, loadin up bikes (JayP), preping to camp out, skis, dog gear, walk the dogs, bikini, towel-GO! you gotta be flexible.

The course was easy to follow so long as you had your directions or could remember that much, I had to check mine. All were gearin up in the PL. Lots of new bikes on the scene-lookin good. I don't think anyone warmed up? A picture of us, all lined up would be pretty cool. Head over to the start, ready-GO! Conditions were good in the line, a little soft otherwise, not ideal for passin early on. Lots of climbin, which is just really fun, lots of rollers, whcih are fun too. I love to snowbike, so it's all a good time to me. It was snowing as we started the race and lasted about 2 hrs. I was able to ride with a few of my teammates, TJ & Byers for a bit, watchin JayP in the distance goin faster and faster-he knew I was comin for him! There was a really wicked DH on the K trail, I stuck out my foot and rode it out and made it thru rubber side down, fun when your done!

My eatin was random. I had a sweet potatoe, kidney bean, cheese burrito, same as the night b4, for b-fast, so I was fueled. 1.5 hrs into the race I ate a carmel milky way, which I enjoyed much more frozen, then when I stuck it in my pocket and it got all warm, it's easier to break off when frozen, followed by a PB snickers at some point, pack of cheese crackers and 1/2 bag of jelly ring gummy candy things which got me thru those last few miles. I drank about 40oz of water.

What do I wear?
Obviously temps dictate this, but one thing I always wear unless it's above 30F, is my RBH design Vapor barrier vest, it keeps the sweat warm. I recently received the morning glory zip from I/O Bio, and wholly, this is fer shure my favorite piece. It was perfect for this race and temps, and is going to be my choice for Knik to McGrath. The zipper has a nice protector over it, so the cold metal doesn't ever touch your skin, the hood is sweet, keeps the neck breeze free, and of course, it is so soft. It snowed early on and this piece just thrived. I was never uncomfortable, wet or cold, things I like to leave up to the gear to handle-so it was perfect! Under that I wore the contact top (bra) and racer tank, hey I like my layers! I also appreciate how long the I/O Bio gear is, so my back is never hangin out catchin a draft. Since the temps were so warm, I wore 3/4 cycling knickers and some 13+ year old wind tights on my legs. Again being so warm, I wore super thin Bridgedale liners along with my raglin wool socks inside my RU Outside Tundra boots!

I won the womens division with a time of 5:20, and was quickly reminded by JayP that I was 15 mins behind him like last time! ;)

Super fun time! Til next time!

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