Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's going on??? Well I had a very interesting year, one I wish to not revisit, which is why I am so looking forward to 2012! It's here, it has begun and it's gonna be fun!!! I have been busy doing stuff, living life. We all know it goes by so quick and day to day life takes time. To start off we have been doing lots of riding in West Yellowstone, and it has been amazing! Not only is the riding out of this world, but it's a quick little w/e get away for Jay, myself and the boyz. The 1st few times we went, people were asking if we were sleeping in the van or outside, but we haven't been, we have been sleeping inside hotels, kinda like "normal" people. We like to head up on Friday, get the boyz out for a couple hour ride along the way and then make our way up to West, either for a quick skate or another ride and spend the night. The next day we get the boyz out and then get ourselves out.

Let's talk about the riding. We have gone several w/e since Thanksgiving and the conditions have always rocked, lots of riding, not much pushing. We haven't had any run ins with the snowmobilers and have gotten plenty of thumbs up! I am comfortable saying there is over 500 miles of sweetly groomed trails for our riding enjoyment! But, it is still a work in progress. We "snow bikers" are a new user group, so details need to be worked out and I agree we should have to contribute some $$ to help pay for the grooming. There are many opportunities for our new sport to grow, many people are gaining interest and want to try it, including some bilers!

The local ski resort, Grand Targhee, has introduced snow biking, and even had it's 1st race Jan 15th, which was a huge success, 46 snow bikers showed up to race! We attempted the West n Back, but due to fluke conditions there was a re-route ridden with a great lunch at the Pond's with lots of brainstorming and story sharing.

So what does my exciting year hold in store? Well I will be heading to MN, instead of Alaska this year to partake in the Arrowhead 135. I am really excited about getting into this race and conquering it! The conditions haven't been favorable for snow biking in MN, but of course it changes constantly, and you never know what'll you'll get but it is fer shure what you make of it! I am looking forward to some nordic skating, more riding in Feb, the Togwotee Winter Classic, spreading the word about snow biking and getting more people on snow bikes! oh and some more riding!

Got some other adventures up my sleeve for the year, so stay tuned!

Til next time!


  1. so awesome to see you post again!!! love to hear and feel your STOKE!!!!

    have fun in MN and can't wait for the stories!

    rock and ROLL ONNNN!!!


  2. Thanks Jeny! I'm super stoked! MN is going to be very interesting, and I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing your stoke too! I loved all your great pics from the skittles post-super fun! See you out there!

  3. Sounds like fun! What's up with JayP? Both his No Idle Tour and JayP's Dirt websites are down.


    1. Hey Bob, Jay is working on getting his websites back up, we joke about how we are cyclist not writers, but we are working on it! Thanks! See you out there!