Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Togwotee Winter Classic was a BLAST! We didn't have to decide which milage we were doing until we got out there, super cool! I thought I would do the 35 miler but knew I would have more fun riding 25 miles. Yes conditions were soft, but ridable, except those few hills in the beginning, were a few had turned around to go ski powder. It was snowing and blowing, but not too bad and it was just great to be out there. Many think I like it when the conditions are soft and nasty, and they are correct! But it's not so much that I like them, it's just favorable to me because I know how do deal with it and know it's only gonna last a few hours. And here is where I use my perception. We were 7 miles, approx 1.5 hrs into the race, on and off the bike and another male racer says to me "I'm turning around." I asked why? he says "because this isn't fun." a huge smile came across my face as I replied "I think this is a blast, it's only gonna last 5-7 hrs, you might as well enjoy it!" guess he turned around because I didn't see him again. The start was fast and furious and it took a bit for the crowd to break up.

I was able to ride with Fitzy and Chad for a bit then broke away after about 3 hrs, I musta been getting warmed up by then. I listened to my tunes and pedaled away to the finish in 1st place for the women (outta 3) and 5th overall in a time of 4hrs43mins. There were some people out from a newspaper in Laramie taking pictures and cheering me on, thats always fun, and I saw about 3 groups of 10 snowmobilers, so it was pretty quite out there.

I tried to keep my bike as light as I could by not using any frame bags, just poggies and a feed bag, which worked out great! I carried my fix-its in my hydropack, along with 70 oz of water I drank about 20 oz of-I brought too much water which = weight, booo. But better to err on the side of too much then too little. I drank a 20 oz bottle of emergency, ate 1 stinger waffle and 1 bag a stinger chews. I like to eat a burrito in the morning which keeps me full through a race of this length. Being as warm as it was I was able to get away with a wool base, wind vest and my favorite Fitzy long sleeve jersey.

I had my camera with me but failed to take any pictures, which I need to get back in the habit of doing.

Looking forward to more adventures! Til next time!


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