Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can't keep up with myself! My right hand is not back to full working order yet, I'm not totally caught up at work, damn that paperwork seems to multiply like rabbits, but I'm super stoked to be gearing up for the Fitz-Barn! Even though this ride will 'hopefully" be just a few days, I am looking forward to the freedom and fulfilling this addiction I have acquired, ride, eat, sleep, repeat.

I was back on the bike a week after I got back from the TD, leading the ladies ride. I've been riding here and there, getting the boyz out on Rush Hour, a sweet new local trail, a few single track rides, which kinda freaks me out knowing the bears are around, plenty of time on the road bike, which is good but I do get bored of, even did a local hill climb, which I thought I was going to do betta in but I was slower then last year, some volunteering at local events, Victor ID fer shure has it going on! Back at the farm, lemme tell ya, people think it's this easy volunteer job, but that farming is physically demanding, some days it's like doing 5 hrs of squats, harvesting & weeding. Pretty awesome we get a homemade lunch afterwards. Since I do get so many veggies and love to cook, that takes time as well. The days are just too short, or maybe I need to hire a house cleaner, chef, grocery shopper, bookkeeper and quit my job.

I started commuting again over Teton Pass last week, drive in, ride Magic Wanda home, ride road bike in, drive home. I love it! Am I recovered from the TD? I don't know. I haven't been sleeping as much as when I first got back, but I am certainly not in any fast kinda shape, I do know that I can ride for a long time. And thats where I am at. I've actually been here for  awhile. I have done a few "fast" races over the past couple years, but my main races have been multi-day & I my 1st real solo race was the Stagecoach 400.

So, I have much to say, many memories to share, I'd love to publish my gear list if I get a chance, and eventually will, but this is all for now. Gotta get ready for the FITZ-BARN!

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