Friday, April 4, 2014

Targhee Cross fit testimonial

My name is T-Race Petervary, I am an endurance cyclist racer of 20 years.  I race and ride a bicycle all year long, so I was skeptical about trying something new such as cross fit. It made sense that cross fit it would benefit me, but I wasn't sure if it would be safe for me, and I certainly didn't want to Hulk up.  A part of me knew I would love it and become addicted, which is totally what happened.

It is obvious that Dayne and Josh are knowledgeable and passionate about cross fit and how it can improve one's life. They make me feel comfortable in asking questions and explain things so I understand. They demonstrate the techniques, pay attention to what I am doing and correct my form if needed so that I don't get hurt.  It has been rewarding watching my progress as they keep track of our scores for the day and I can see how far I've come.

I am not a fan of training indoors or attending scheduled classes, but Dayne and Josh are motivational, supportive and make the workouts so "FUN" and varied, I look forward to the next class as soon as I have left the last one. The class is an hour, which flies by, and is a small investment for such a huge return. I leave class feeling high, upbeat and happy.  It's a bonus that a few of my friends and my husband attend classes with me.  We all work hard but often find ourselves joking and laughing at times, which for me, is a great environment to be in.

Cross fit has helped me build more confidence and is a great complement to my cycling and life.  I am stronger and more connected with my body and mind. Over the past 3 months and since I have started attending cross fit, I have had my best race results and look forward to many more.

I will continue to attend Targhee cross fit, as I know it will make me live stronger & live better.

Thank you Dayne & Josh! and everyone who comes out for their own challenge.

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