Monday, May 11, 2009

More wicked times!

More wicked times! Over the w/e JayP and I headed out to test some of our gear on an overnighter from Pindale to Alantic City, WY. It was approx 175 miles, which took approx 15 hrs. We hardly saw any people, or cars which was really nice. Although you feel miles and miles away from everything, there was a main hwy with in 10 miles. The wx was mild, kinda chilly especially when the wind blew, which WY is infamous for. We left Pinedale around 1130am and arrived in AC around 730pm. I was fine up until about mile 70, then just got really tired, but pushed on to and made it to AC. We didn't really have any plans except to sleep somewhere. When we got to AC we had a bit to eat and asked around for a place to stay, when we were offered a wood shed, I was relieved, perfect! It got below freezing that night, so we were totally stoked we had some coverage. I was really pleased with my new Neo thermarest and Marmot 40 degree bag, probably could have worn another layer and put the bivy on.

What did I learn:

-Well I didn't just learn this but CDW are the best bike bags ever! My sleeping system was secure to my handle bars, I was able to carry my stay warm gear in my seatbag with no problem .
-I tested a Montbell pack that Jay let me borrow and carried 200 oz of water, it was very comferble for me and carried xtra gear (my favorite Montbell UL thermawrap jacket) I didn't have room for on my bike.
-went to bed warm, but as the temps dropped during the night I could have used another layer.

-don't sleep in a wet chamis
-life on the bike is so sweet

Well we are working on getting our tandem built up for a test ride and some more gear testing. Yahoo!

Till next time.