Monday, May 18, 2009

Tandem-maiden voyage

Well, the tandem is so supa-fun! JayP and I left from the house and rode out to Slide Lake, Sunday on the tandem! Gosh it was so fun! It was approx 80 miles all on the road and took about 5 hrs. I was a little nervous on the first downhill heading out of the driveway, but after that it was like, let it rip! It was nice that Jay didn't have to wait for me, we could talk to each other, and I could totally look around and check things out, make grill cheese, nap. There is some definite dialing in to be done, fitting, temp parts that will be replaced, new vocabulary to be learned, but what a good time and an exciting adveture to look forward to. Jay's pack was a little in my face, but once we have our amazing bags from CDW that will take care of that. So many details, to go over and figure out. We are going to have so much fun on our upcoming trip, I can't wait!

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